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Give the gift of "your name in a novel!"

Give the Sci-fi fan in your life the gift of having their name in a novel written by the soon to be world famous, and currently visionary author Tyler McNamara!

Only ONE available!!

Here's how it works: Throughout the book are empty spaces that need a last name to fill them. Before I can fully release Chapter 5 I need to fill this empty space:

"Rae realized why he looked so familiar; he was [Unnamed_Character_2], the lead programmer/designer behind the Hakaru app."

This character is a hip programmer who not just appears in Chapter 5, but also has another cameo later in the book.

Over the next two weeks I'll be running a blind auction. Go to: https://www.paypal.me/EarwigPublishing and pledge your amount (current high bid $25).

After the auction closes on January 7th I'll contact you to get the name and address of your selected recipient, and mail them a handwritten Holiday card from Earwig Publishing, with a bio of the fictional character they were named after, and let them know who to blame... I mean thank for the thoughtful and unique (literally there's only one available) gift.

Bid Today! And that character name could be yours!

-Tyler McNamara


PS. Proceeds go toward an ad-free year of Pandora, so my writing flow stops getting interrupted by the same three shitty commercials all day long.

PPS. Non winning bids can be refunded, or automatically applied to the next "name in a novel auction".


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