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1st Draft Back from Editor

I got the comments back from my editor last week, and --after avoiding them as one would a bear in your campsite-- I finally got into them these past few days and I'm really pleased with both her insight, and the relatively small amount of work I've got ahead of me. I mean it's still many many hours to be sure, but really it's refining work, not so much the heavy, world crushing stuff I was dealing with two years ago.

God, it's so crazy to think about how long it takes to write this thing. The scope of it is huge, and in many ways it's like writing three books at once because of the way it's layered.

I'm really excited to start sharing it with people and nervous because I'm getting into summer camp season where I have very little time to myself.

The plan as it stands now is to go through Marisa's (the editor's) notes and make sure there's nothing monumental that needs reworking, then start focusing on each chapter sequentially. Polishing and editing, then publishing each chapter in a Patreon project: A crowdfunding service that's halfway between a Kickstarter and a magazine subscription. Like a Kickstarter, it will have stretch goals like: offering an illustration with each chapter. And support tiers where folk will have, at minimum, access to the chapter, and then access to delete scenes, side-stories, a Read it For You version.

Is there anything else people would be interested in? What else could I offer to entice folks to subscribe at a higher monthly rate? Would watching me write live, or offering co-creator sessions (where folks could join a Google hang-out and have an hour long talk about things they liked or didn't like?) be appealing? Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

The Patreon will make more sense when it goes live, until then I probably won't be updating RFF unless I get a really bomber idea.


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