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New Area on Tylermcnamara.com and stuff from an old post on Patreon

6-1-16: For those of you not following me on Patreon, now is the time. There's 14 chapters backlogged and more coming out every-other week, it's also a more reliable place to hear about exciting news like this...

2-23-16: Exciting news, I've finished this draft and there are 35 wonderful chapters (37 with prologue and epilogue).  Now I've just got to finish editing it, and send it through a final round of proofreading for spelling and grammar, and then it's off to the typesetter (me), and the printer (anyone know of any good print on demand publishers other than amazon?)

5-20-2016: This draft, calling it v.7 is complete! I'm waiting for my editor to take a second look at it, then I can get into the proofreading phase.  I've spoken with some folks who published on Amazon's Createspace and liked it for the paperbacks, but used another publisher for hardcover.

6-1-16: The other cool feature of reading via Patreon is that you'll get bonus extras, like a creepy audio track that won't be available anywhere else ($5+ patrons only). Anyway that's enough self- promotion, I'm also excited about the new section of the website called Shorts, where you can read short stories I've written and deemed are good enough to let others read.


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