Tyler  McNamara
Writing. World Building. Game Design.


TYLER McnaMara

Long before he was the Editor-in-Chief, Head Writer, Creative Director, Design Tank, Marketing Rogue, and Owner of Earwig Publishing, he was a writer of speculative fiction. Tyler was built for it in the same manner as one would build a computer program, though his creators were far more elegant. He developed his passion for writing and worldbuilding with a group of homeschooling friends. Tyler holistic approach to storytelling creates full-bodied narratives, which run through his diverse pursuits; as a wilderness guide, woodworker, electrician, and designer of a variety of games. Tyler takes great pride that his early work is archived on 3.5 floppies, sheets of perforated printer paper, and typewriter pages stapled together.

Tyler McNamara lives with his wife and newborn son in a gated community in upstate New York, but like... there's a garden, chickens and sheep also inside the gate... you know, like a farm.

Earwig Publishing

Established in 2016, Earwig Publishing seeks to produce Stories and Games that stray from the path worn-in by mainstream media.

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