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Excuses + Moving

     Hey folks, sorry to skimp out on another week of RFF. I didn't realize this Summer was going to be so crazy. This week we’re moving out of our place and into friends’ houses because the place where we were planning to move hasn't had its closing date yet.
     Last night we, my deputy and I, were talking about all the crazy moves we've done over the years. When we moved down to New York, I moved down first taking the bare essentials (toothbrush, computer, guitar, bike), just so I could start my new job. Then when she was ready to move down we found a place together and we borrowed a friend’s car-trailer which is only maybe 10 feet long, but they can’t lend us their ball-hitch because it’s rusted to their car. They can’t lend us the car because they need it that week, and I can’t get the hitch off without breaking something (most likely myself). Next we notice that her landlord has a ball hitch on his car, so we ask him if we can borrow it, he say “yes”, but it’s also rusted to his car. So we borrow his entire car to drive 3 hours away to another state.

Great guy.

I know that we managed to load a box spring and mattress, a futon, three desks, a computer chair, all our books, our bikes, and clothes, bookshelves, and winter equipment (skis, snowboard, snowshoes [I like winter]) on this trailer, but I don’t know how. I remember that it looked precarious as hell, but everything was so Tetrised together when you pulled on anything the whole trailer moved. It reminded me of the image in my head of when the Joad family left the farm in The Grapes of Wrath. Everything was piled up on that truck, and when they needed more space, they built up the sides and piled on more.

Loading my sci-fi collection into boxes make we really want to finish my book, and long for the fall when I’ve got my mornings back so I can get into it again. It sucks that books takes so long to write; my life has changed three times since I started. There are things that were relevant to my life then that the characters feel, which I’m not so interested in now. There are things I’ve learned with experience that I want to include, but if I do that I’ll never stop writing it.

Keep following, keep reading, keep telling your friends. If I get a good following I’ll leak chapters of the novel over the winter.

-Tyler R McNamara
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