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Carnival in Tulum Mexico

Hey Y'all,

Sorry for the silence. My wife and I were away on our honeymoon in Tulum, which was gorgeous and the weather was perfect and it was so nice to be somewhere not blanketed in X feet of snow.

One of the things that was interesting and fun about our visit was that it happened to coincide with Carnival, which we weren't totally sure what it was about, that was the only descriptor we could get in Spanish was that it was just Carnival. I guess that makes sense, like, how would you describe to a foreigner why there's a county fair? And what you're celebrating.  But my guess was that it had something to do with Lent, because the Bible has that passage about the importance of throwing candy whilst riding a slow moving beast of burden.

Just to paint the picture: There were about six 'floats' that were pulled down the main street by various sized trucks, each filled with costumed children from elementary to high school age, decked out with feathers and shiny fabrics. 5% of the kids on or following behind each float were really excited about dancing and being in the parade, while the others looked like they'd rather be doing homework.  And then at the end of the parade, was one trailer covered in balloons, which just had music blaring and a bunch of people sitting around in plastic lawn chairs, as if they had just been BBQing on the back of this truck and decided to enter the parade, but needed some balloons to seem legit.

Aside from that the rest of the vaca was the usual body surfing, sunburns, yummy food, and cave snorkeling you'd expect from a Mexico honeymoon.

Hopefully RFF will return to normal next week assuming I have a normal week.

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