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Heartbroken in Harrisburg

     S: "So how did you two meet?"

     They look at each other, telepathically telling the other to tell the story. He loses and says, "In an elevator."

     She huffs the smallest hint of annoyance mixed with adoration, "In a stuck elevator."

     H: "Pittsburg had been having brownouts all week and the circuits got confused about where the floors were."

     N: "I don't think that's the part of the story she was interested in."

     H: "A good story is in the details."

     S: "It's true, but your first 'story' was: in an elevator."

     H: "So you're taking her side?"

     S: "Maybe, but I will give you props for asking someone on a date while trapped with them."

     H: "I would never do that to another person. It's against some unspoken rule to ask out someone who cannot escape you."

     N: "I've never heard of that rule."

     S: "So what did you say?"

     H: "She said, 'Are you seeing anyone?'"

     N: "He was so cute, he looked over at me, like for the first time you know? Really looked at me, then he looked back at the darkened lights that should have said the floor number and said, 'I'm kind of inbetween things at the moment.'  In my head I'm thinking 'perfect', but then--"

     H: "So she's been quiet for like two minutes, I start thinking she's one of those who's only attracted to men in relationships, or maybe that I can't hold a relationship says something about me. I've got all this self doubt running through my mind and suddenly she gets my joke and starts laughing."

     N: "I thought you were talking about relationships!"

     H: "I know, that's why it's funny! The first time I looked at her I was physically attracted, but when I heard her laugh, that's when I fell in love."

     N: "When they pulled us out they said it had been five hours, but I would've sworn it was only twenty minutes."

Intercom: "We're beginning our initial descent into Pittsburg. Please turn off any large electronic devices, and return your seats and tray-tables to their upright and locked position..."

As the mass of travelers exited the skybridge and poured out into the terminal he caught up to her and said, "Now that we're not trapped in an enclosed space... Obviously that Stranger saw something between us--"

     N: "Sorry, I'm married. But that was fun... lying to a complete stranger like that."

     H: "At least tell me your name."

     N: "No."

~Heartbroken in Harrisburg

A Note From the Author: That was fun. If you're interested in the behind the scenes... the main idea for the story came from an old suggestion "Honey Badgers + Honeymoon + 8 hrs. stuck in an elevator"  I just started thinking about those three things and started with stuck in an elevator.  But interestingly, what drove the twist in the story was the single letter names I was using because I don't like naming characters until there are characters to name. Then I realized that they don't have names because they don't know each other. S and N changed letters a few times because I didn't like that H and S could be Harry and Sally, so I swapped it with N, which used to be D until she said "No", and H didn't become "Heartbroken" until the last line.

Well I thought it was interesting...  ~Tyler